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Are You Prepared For the Friday Open Thread?

In honor of National Preparedness month, I invite you to prepare for the weekend by participating in the Friday Open Thread, brought to you by your friends at Hackerspace. We thank Lifehacker for giving us this opportunity and for the reminder that we all — Boy Scouts or not — should Be Prepared.

This week on Hackerspace, Sara McGuire explained How to Create a Promotional Poster for Your Event, complete with infographic. Concert? Tai Chi class? Faerge egg exhibit at the museum? UFC night at the local arena? Sara’s tips and guidelines work for them all. Oh, and print or web? Sara’s got you covered for both.


Also this week on Hackerace, I described how to use your landline in case of emergency. I know many of my fellow Hacksters don’t have landlines; you’re far too cool to be old-school. But, as an alternative, maybe this is a good time to treat yourself to that hand-crank charger for your cell phone you’ve had your eye on for awhile. Maybe hand-crank chargers would be a great pan-list holiday gift this year. Imagine your brother-in-law/grandma/pool boy telling you next February, “The power went out and my phone went dead. That hand-crank charger you gave me for Festivus was a real life-saver! Thank you, Hackster! You’re my hero!”

What are your favorite Preparedness tips and emergency supplies? If you’ve been through an emergency, what kept you fed, clean, safe and sane? Share these ideas and anything else that’s on your mind with us. And have a super-duper weekend, whether you’re prepared for it or not!

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