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art progress

Later, when I am gone, I want them to say of me and my art, “he had balls”

It’s not hard to find places to put your balls. You just need four free lego nubs and you have stability, providing you don’t clutz-ily knock it over.


Ok I think this leg of the lego journey is over. Here is all I could do, using all the blocks I had, and all the household things I had, that would work. They all turned out to be mouse balls.

The bottom is the ball of welcome. The two reds are the balls of firmness and moderation. The blue is the ball of grace and ecstasy. watched over by The Eye.

Now, I need to have this piece denounced, so that art farts will covet it. I’ll be imoortal later, but I’d like money and fame in the here and now. The best way to do that, is to stir up contraversy over the work. I need to find Whitson Gordon and get him to rebuke my art. That will be the first step.

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