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Ask Google Assistant "what's my battery level"

It’s working again, as of this typing. that is:

7:25:06 PM Fri Jun 21, 2019

...until whenever Google takes it away or breaks it again.


Ok I put this here so nobody wastes anymore time on the (hack) below. Google took it away. It no longer works. :( First they giveth, then this shit. :<



I didn’t see this one listed anywhere. I just thought I’d see if it worked. I’m too lazy to grab the phone and check with my own eyes. So you do “ok google” or “hey google”, and ask for the battery level. Don’t use just any words, or else Google will tell you to go into Settings or look at the Notification bar <————-I am not into that anymore. Digging around to get at a stat or a setting is a bore.

ETA: I should have said that it will *tell* you, not just show it. Also, it may not work on Android versions before Pie.

Also 2, a bunch more commands here:


Ok I should rewrite this whole thing, because I forgot that you also have to have an internet connection over wifi or mobile or whatever.

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