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Awesome Ways to Monitor Your Kids Online Activity

Monitoring what your kids do online is very important due to the fact that it goes a long way in controlling what they see and what they have access to. The internet is filled with all sorts, and the things your kids see will go a long way in determining who they move with and how they’ll turn out to be in life. You’ll be able to control their perceptions and filter their thoughts. However, if you’re confused about how to go about it, here are a few tools that could help you:


mSpy is a highly professional spy app that was developed primarily to serve the uses of both parents and employers. However, even though these are people who have the legal right to use it, the truth is that everyone can make use of it and real awesome benefits. mSpy is an incredibly powerful monitoring tool that has the ability to give you complete and unrestricted access to the mobile phone of your target individual. (and you probably know that in today’s world, control of a person’s phone almost translates to having a foothold o their life). In terms of distinction, mSpy is different from other spy apps in the sense that mSpy is a no-jailbreak app this means that there won’t be a need to make any changes to the target phone before you get the chance to spy on it. It also offers keylogging, which is one of the most advanced tools in the spy world today. It is an essential tool that every parent who is concerned about their child’s safety must have. If you’re still in doubt, feel free to read the mSpy reviews and see what it’s about.



This app is exclusively for iOS users alone. However, the fact that it is restricted doesn’t mean its features don’t stand out.

This is how it works…

Immediately you’ve been able to configure Watchover’s program software on your PC or Mac(there is also the app that you can get on your iPhone as well), you will be able to monitor whatever activity goers on with that device. Watchover is designed to take screenshots of activities every minute and has enough storage to keep them for a period of 48 hours, so you will be able to view them at a later time. It is also configured to compile every data that runs on your kid’s computer and present the compilation as a report that will show which programs were used and how long each as used. All of these can be viewed from the comfort of your phone. It goes for a price of $2.99, but you’ll definitely be getting enough value for your money.



If what you’re looking for is the most comprehensive and detailed way to monitor your kids online, then uKnowKids is what you should get. It offers you the ability to protect your kids while simultaneously ensuring their privacy online. What it does is to monitor everything that your child is doing and it will present the whole thing as an overview. If you suspect any activity as fishy or inappropriate, you can easily dig deeper and find out more information t ascertain or debunk your fears. You will have access to things like texts, website contents, social media interactions, messages sent and received, etc. The great thing about it is that the overview tool won’t get won’t bore you with too much details (which is good especially if you’re familiar with what your kids is really doing). However, the app also stores enough information to give you in case you have any suspicions and you’ll want to clear your conscience. If you’re a parent that is concerned about your kid’s safety and privacy, then uKnowKids will serve you well. It goes for just $5.75 a month (or $6.50 if you’re looking after up to four children). You also get a free 14-day trial period to test them first and see what they’re about.



If you’re looking to monitor everything that your kid does on his (or her) mobile phone, the you should try Nischint. It hasa tracker for web browsers, as well as various ways through it can show you who your kid interacts with on social media platforms. Nischint even has the ability to show you the types of apps that your kid is downloading. Also, it has SMS and phone logs as well as geolocation options, in case you’re worried about your kid’s safety in general. Nischint is awesome due to the fact that is a full comprehensive package.


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