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Back to work : the Time to Get Shit Done has come

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Summer is now behind us and some of us might have a hard time getting back to work. Unfortunately, we don't have the choice (well I don't know about you but I don't). So it's the perfect time of the year to figure out what we want to achieve this year and how we gonna organize ourselves to complete our goals.


Creative people might need to renew their creativity, business people will need to find new ways to make money, tech guys would probably have to surpass themselves to create new innovative products, and so on.

We need to get back on track quickly to motivate ourselves for this coming year!
We need to Get Shit Done and to do it right.


It all starts right here (editor notes: from now I'll speak at the first person, because I'm kind of talking to myself…).
So first of all, I need motivation to Get Shit Done… but you know, sometimes it's just really hard to come back to work after three weeks on vacation. During my first week back, I kept telling myself: "Why am I still working while being on vacation is the thing I like most?" Well, guess what, I need money. But don't misunderstand me, I really do love my job, but I also really do love spending my days surfing and having apéro right by the sea.

What I need to get back on track quickly and efficiently it's new objectives, new goals, new challenges. I don't want to be stuck in a work routine. I need to build something, to improve myself, to try to make our world a better place (am I being too much? Let's stop there then).

So, I decided that this year I'll be really Getting Shit Done. And to do so, I decided to focus on two things: my motivation and my personal organization.


Motivation Monday

What Motivation monday is about? It's just this time of the week when I tell myself that I love what I'm doing and that in some ways I'm doing some good (I'm not saving Pandas in the Rain Forest, but I work for a tech company that helps people getting organized). From there, I stop complaining and I start looking ahead instead of behind.

As long as my boss keeps on being a great boss, I'll be the only one to manage my motivation. To Get Shit Done I need to get my shit together and to dedicate some time to understand why and what am I working for.


So from now on, on Mondays I'll motivate myself!

May the organization tools be with you

You know they are tools out there created by smart peoples who want to help you (and make money too of course). You know those tools have been built to improve your way of organizing yourself and to save you time. But you've always been too lazy to try them (if you've tried them all you can skip this part).

What if I tell you that it all started with Evernote. At one point in my life I was a freelancer, so a good friend of mine told me about Evernote: "You should try it, you'll see you can organize all of your content according to your clients, you'll save so much time". So I tried it, but I was so busy at that time that I just quit after 10min on the application telling myself "I can't afford to loose time for that, it's gonna take me for ages to understand how everything works and how it will save me time". And I kept on going with my Word Documents and my notepad. How foolish I was at that time… (in my defense it was three years ago and at that time I was working in the art industry, so not really a tech lover).
But somehow I ended up being a manager, so now I really don't have time for anything. I radically changed my way of working and I tried to find the best tools that could help me save some time!

For my daily organization:
- Media watch : Mention
- Storage : Dropbox
- Content managing : Evernote and Google Drive
- Task Management : Azendoo
- Smart reading / business intelligence : Pocket
- Emails: ?? I still haven't found the right application to manage my email inbox… Any help on that?

Back to work, it's time to try new tools! Getting Shit Done is about being organized.


Debrief friday

In other words to Get Shit Done I need: motivations, good tools, (a cool job) but also time to overview my weekly work.


That's what Debrief Friday is about. If nobody is going to tell me wether I'm doing a good job or not, I have to take care of it myself. And even if someone is evaluating my work I still need to have a personal view on it.
Therefore, every friday afternoon I regroup the task I've accomplished during the week and evaluate my work. Not really to congratulate or blame myself, but to have a global overview on my work and to understand how I am (or I am not) Getting Shit Done.

To conclude

Yes summer is over, get over it! Now it's time to get yourself organized, to look for productivity hacks and to stop complaining!

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