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Simple is an online bank that got its start back during the summer of 2012. They are nothing like a traditional bank- Simple operates entirely online. Everything is done through the very well designed web app or on their mobile apps for Android and iOS. I’ve been with Simple since the beginning of February and I’ve found it to be a total bank replacement. I want to share my experience using their Android app so those that are interested in the service can get a bit more information.


The first thing you’ll notice when you open up the app is your “Safe-to-Spend” balance. This is the amount of money that hasn’t already been allocated to something like a future purchase, pending purchase, or a Goal. If you tap on Safe-to-Spend it drops down to show your Available Balance, the amount you have Scheduled and the amount in your Goals. Tap on it again and it goes away. Beneath your Safe-to-Spend you’ll see the transactions you’ve made.

Transactions are one of the things Simple does really, really well. If you tap on one of your transactions you can edit a couple of things: the merchant, the category the purchase belongs to, what goal you want to spend that money from, a memo field and the location of the purchase.


The first item in a transaction is the merchant. This tells you where you spent money and that can be changed to say whatever you’d like. Next up are your Categories. Categories are an easy way to, well, categorize your spending. Say you went to Lowe’s or Home Depot to grab some yard supplies, you can categorize that purchase under “Lawn & Garden.” Or maybe you were picking up a new sink, you can stick that purchase in the “Repairs & Improvement” category. Simple has plenty of categorization choices to choose from. Underneath that you’ll find “spend from a goal.” Goals are basically a budget or small savings that you have inside of Simple. If you decide you want to spend from a Goal then you just pick the goal and now that transaction has been spent from that there instead of your Safe-to-Spend balance. Next you have memos. This is a text field where you can put in a description about your transaction. Maybe you were having a dinner with a friend to celebrate their birthday. You could put “Dinner with #Selden for her birthday!” Now when you go back and you’re looking at your transactions you’ll see that description and remember exactly what you were doing. And yes, you can use hashtags with Simple, this is just another way for you to organize and analyze your spending habits. At the bottom you’ll see the location of that specific transaction. Tapping on that lets you look at it in Maps, edit the address or remove it. Once you have everything defined the way you want then you can hit Save and be done with it.


Once you’ve hit save you’re back at the main screen of the app. If you tap on Activity at the top you’ll get a dropdown that allows you to view your Scheduled transactions. If you used the Send Money function on the web app and it’s still pending then this is where you can see details about it. Now back at the main Activity screen you can slide from the left to the right to open up a menu with more places to go. You’ll see your Activity, which is where you are right now, Deposit a Check, ATM Finder, Account Numbers, Invites, Settings and the Sign Out button.

Tapping on Deposit a Check brings up a screen that lets you type in the amount of your check then after that you take a picture of the check. I can’t say I’ve had the chance to use this feature yet so your mileage may vary. The ATM Finder is pretty straightforward. It shows the ATM closest to you. Then you have your Account Numbers, this is something I like about Simple. It’s a very easy way to view your Routing and Account numbers and that’s all it is. Next is a menu that tells you how many available invitations you have and lets you send out some. In the Settings menu under that you can select whether you want your transactions to be mapped, if you want to be notified about transactions and how. You can also call Customer Service from this menu. And lastly you have the Sign Out button.


Banking with Simple is a really great experience and the Android app just enhances that. The whole app runs very smoothly and takes advantage of useful gestures that most of us have come to know and love in a lot of our other used apps. Simple is available for Android devices running 2.3.3+ and is free. Are you guys already banking with Simple? What have your experiences been like using the app and what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Download Simple from Google Play

Image remixed from Ervin Bartis

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