Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Ok I don’t know if these items will be useful to anyone, other than people playing bass instruments, or some other music thing that has a long neck.

I sat down in the lotus position, bass guitar in hand, and tried to play the way I played in days of ye old yor.

It didn’t work out. It was bad posture for such a thing, and I was sucking badly, hitting all sorts of wrong notes and thinking that I sucked and would never STOP sucking.

The (dah) simple answer was to use one of those things called “chairs”. I thought I could play like a hippy at one of those sit-in things, but nope. I’m older now, and it takes a long time for the legs to wake up again.

So then, I went to youtube and put a video into Loop mode and let it play. It was just an old song of the type that I really used to enjoy playing along to. The idea of course is to repeat the song as much as you want without having to reach over for some control to start the playback over again. It helped me. I had fun, and I think I worked out some of the rough spots in my technique, those things that get lost with time.

If I go this way, it looks as though I don’t play as badly as I thought. I wanted so much to have a bass guitar back in my life, sometimes to look at, sometimes to play. It’s sweet. Coming back, is sweet.

Next month I’m going to be bringing home the last piece of the puzzle, a VOX amp for bass. I heard it at the store, and it has PUNCH, for such a small unit. When I first heard it, I was looking around to see where the big amplifier was located, and finding this small 2-channel package on the floor——- and that settled that.

Bass has always had power over me. When you’re playing one, you may be a subtle part of the music, but you’re part of the thunder that most modern tunes can’t go without.

Just an eta 9:52:17 PM Wed Jun 27, 2018

I don’t want to tire anyone here, or try your patience. I did want to say that I’ll go and get the Vox amp next week. I think I mentioned somewhere that it’s an Adio Air BS <—- it’s just me but I wish they’d paired up other letters in the alphabet. : )

I’m not as confident about playing bass as I used to be. I see other people’s techniques and question my own. And then, there goes the fun. I should just quit the comparing. My way to play involves using (mostly) the left hand as the string damper. The way it looks, it’s similer to how I do fingerstyle on my six-string. But somewhere out there, and somewhere inside me, is the voice that says I’m doing it wrong, though it worked well enough in the past.

Like I said, I’m less confident, more likely to look to someone and ask ‘is this right’?

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