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Best Gift Ideas For An Insanely Cool Friend

The person you want to please with a gift knew about upcoming artists Ryn Weaver, The Districts, and Def Loaf months before you heard about them. This epitome of coolness sports the clothes, footwear, and accessories that will be highlighted on the runways next season. Even before an obscure joint becomes a big hit, this high-flyer has been enjoying the food and has been hanging out there for 2 weeks. I know, I know... keeping up with this persona is the hardest thing. Still, you can impress this friend with some super cool gifts presented here.

Homemade cookies packaged to impress

What, cookies? Yes, it could be lame but bear with me for a while. Even the most hard-to-please person on the planet won’t be mad if you took time out to bake him some cookies. Nobody’s TOO cool for homemade cookies. Just be sure not to make this mistake: gather them in a nice bunch and wrap them in tinfoil then drop them in a shoebox. I suggest you check this tutorial.


Fun socks.

Ask any fashion forward person and he’ll tell you straight, plain socks are the most uncool items. And nobody has too many clean socks, anyway. It’s tough to be TOO cool for fun socks. Happy Socks has a wide array of fun pairs that come in ultra-gift-friendly boxes.

3D printing pen

You can say that again — “3D printing is definitely the future”. I agree to the highest degree! It’s a given; 3D printers are not cheap. They cost $2,200 each but the odds are with you, you can still treat your friend to high tech aspirations with this particularly ahead-of-the-game pen, aptly called the 3Doodler; for only $99 a piece.


A piece of art

Any cool soul will appreciate a piece of art that’s given as a gift. So, if I were you, I’d invest in your friendship and wrap up a piece of art as a gift. Do check out these places online. It’s where you can buy great pieces of art. Can’t decide on what to get? Go minimalist.


Expresso cups

Would you buy espresso cups for yourself? I know you wouldn’t but of course you would like to have some, right? What’s more, they can double as shot glasses. Even a difficult person will pay attention if you gift them with this Pantone espresso set.


Health ceramics

There are countless artisans across the United States but artisans from California are well known for creating Heath Ceramics . Why would you want your friend to receive them? They simply look spectacular! Plus the fact that they are extremely understated; your cool friend’s vibe won’t be offended.


Manly room spray

In case the recipient of your gift belongs to Adam’s kind, you can please him with this manly room spray. This product made by Archer is not a feminine air freshener (Obviously!). The product is perfect for covering man smells (those that are not pleasing to the nose) like gym wear with pleasant masculine smells. Once he owns one like this, he will no longer need to spray feminine scents like Fresh Rain. He can use manly scents like Distillery, Hunting Lodge, and European Sports Car.


Don’t f*cking procrastinate mug

Your first Cup of Joe is meant to kickstart your work day with a bang. However, what it does is make you play on Facebook and Twitter at an incredible fast pace. Pour your coffee into the Don’t F*cking Procrastinate Mug and that won’t be an issue any longer. The black on black mug gives you just enough dose of motivation every time you sip coffee. Now kick ass and get to work my buddy.


Reclining office chair

Thanko is offering The Desk Chair for workers wanting to take occasional naps even at work. Now that napping in work places are slowly becoming acceptable, this chair which are especially manufactured for napping (believe or not, on the job!) will be a joy to receive as a gift. Marketing-software company, HubSpot, Huffingtonpost, Google, and other tech companies encourage employees to take naps to compensate for the long hours their jobs require. These companies believe the extra ZZzz’s help its employees perform better at work.


Bass guitar string bracelets

Every boy or girl dreamed of being a member of a rock band. I wanted to be the lead guitarist; my best friend wanted to be the vocalist. I noticed, very few wished to become the bassist. The truth is in most cases, it’s the instrument someone got relegated to. Most rockers, however, are not aware that the sturdy strings make for some cool looking wrist wear; specifically bracelets. Each 9” Bass Guitar String Bracelet is designed to fit any wrist size. They come in black or silver. Perfect for wearing while you are playing guitar or the drums.


I have tried gifting some of my cool friends with these gifts and I have never heard any negative comments yet!

Photo Credit: tricsr4kidz via Compfight cc

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