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Watch NBC Olympics Streams While Avoiding Spoilers UPDATED

Here's the best thing I could come up with to watch an olympics event without having it spoiled by going to the website and having it ruined by the headlines all over the place. It's applicable to US residents only with a cable subscription. If you're not one of those, you might need to search elsewhere.


One Site to Rule Them All

Previously, I outlined how you can use Pocket, the 'read it later' app to strip spoilers out of the web pages that get you quickly to NBC streams. This method was clunky and horrible. We now have a better way, not because of NBC, but because of a website created by LiveSchedules. It pulls links from NBC sports and puts them in a logical, indexed, and spoiler-free manner.

Just head to the site, you'll find a schedule of events, live streams where applicable as well as a section devoted to watching replays.


Some Notes on the NBC Streaming Website:

  • Even the page that contains a stream has a twitter stream on the right and headline banner below. As soon as you open a stream window, make it full screen and don't scroll down.
  • NBC's website is structured as an entertainment site and does not treat the Olympics as an event. It assumes that you will be interested in watching something despite knowing what the end result is.
  • From the desktop, there are two types of streams that you can open. A LIVE stream and a REPLAY stream. The LIVE will start at what is happening currently, but can be rewound to start at the beginning. The REPLAY stream will start at the beginning.
  • Via the iffy mobile app, however, you cannot seem to rewind live streams, so you'll have to wait until it is offered as a replay to get the beginning minutes of a contest.
  • A LIVE stream will cutoff after the event concludes, even if you were watching it in DVR mode. There is a bit of a delay after an event has concluded before a new replay stream is up. This is why I suggest waiting until the event is over and you can click on a REPLAY stream.

Link - liveschedules website -

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