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Black Friday Open Thread With Leftovers

So many leftovers! What’s a person to do?!

Anyway, welcome back, readers and championship belt title holders! We have another open thread from Hackerspace, presented in it’s entirety by the lovely folks at Lifehacker who graciously allow us an open forum to discuss our lives, life hacks, projects, and chores.


Black Friday is one my favorite holidays. I get to save money by spending money. But, this year is a little different for me. You see, my television, which was top of the line at the time of purchase, has decided to move on from this world. It decided to no longer be with us. And, it’s had some problems that DLP TVs have, which I got the manufacturer to pay for the repairs. This time, though, it’s time for a replacement.

I have done the research and have a TV in mind. I just need to find my way to the place of choice and drop the cash. Some TVs were too cheap models, which showed in the TV’s features. Some had terrible user reviews. However, I found one with a nice balance of price and quality.

The old TV? Well, what I’m going to do is open it up and use it to tinker and see if I can get it in working condition. If I can, then I’ll be selling it or putting it in the bedroom or garage. If not, then there is a TV recycler that periodically comes through and takes old, unwanted TVs. Either way, I’ll have some fun checking out the inner workings.

So, how are all of you? Anyone working on a project they would like to share? Any stories of Black Friday craziness you would love to share? Comment below and have a great weekend!

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