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BlueStacks - Android for Windows

If you have an Android phone, a decent Windows/Mac computer and a fast internet connection you could do worse than install Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac machines. It's self-contained so you don't need Virtual Box or any other virtual machine. You can sync it with your Android devices so that any app on your phone/tablet is also available within Bluestacks. This gets round the lack of Play Store access.

Now, apart from the ability to run millions of Android Weather apps on your Windows/Mac machine you can use Bluestacks as a dedicated app for certain browser-based Windows apps such as or Google Music All Access which don't have their own app. This means you can start Bluestacks, start the Google Music app inside it and listen to your stuff all day at work without having a browser tab open. If you also run the app you get new mail notifications in the Windows system tray - cool! Bluestacks is reasonably light on resources - processor usage while running Google Music was 2% - 5%. The music stutters a little if you run a processor intensive Windows app but I used it concurrently while using Office and a browser and everything was smooth. Your results will vary according to connection speed and your machine of course and I haven't tried it on a Mac but I'm sure it's just as excellent.

BTW it's free while in Beta

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