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Bluetooth issues with a Moto phone

Hi again Hackerspacers!

I own a Moto G4 Play phone. I use it just for playing audio books. It’s perfect for that, except when something crashes. I expect the Moto to just keep playing books in the background at home, no matter what else is going on.

Lately it’s either the media player (in this case, Play Music) that has exited itself or crashed, or the “bluetooth share” component went and sucked up more memory than it ought to need.

At its worst, bt share was eating 1.3gb of memory. The Moto only has 1.9gb total. So I don’t know what bluetooth share is doing, to want that much memory, or if it’s a bug.

I look online, mixing and matching search terms, but always the results are totally unrelated, or they’re how-to’s for setting up bt <—- the kind for beginners. I’ve seen those.

This will come up almost every day. I’ll be occupied with something else, then I’ll listen for the Moto..... and silence. So something crashed again. I had to wonder if this ‘bluetooth share’ was hogging so badly, that Play Music was kicked off the air. I don’t know.

Also, it’s not just Google Play Music that has done this. I have another (better) app called Jet Audio, which *also* wants to crash when my back is turned.

The Moto G4 Play got Nougat last winter, along with the usual updates to the various core apps as time went on.

Do you guys think it’s just the old bt stack that got layered caked too high?

I should mention that the problem almost never comes up when I’m sleeping. The Moto will be nearby and playing books and sending them over bt to a bookshelf stereo.

I wonder if bluetooth is doomed to remain spotty like this, at least on this Moto phone?

Maybe some stray radio signal is killing bluetooth at certain times of day, but I’m not sure if this is time of day specific.

I have yet to try a factory reset of the device. I am even more reluctant to root and flash, though I’m assured that it’s easy. Who knows, another rom might spell the end of these problems.

I do know that with every update, something gets just a little gummier in terms of performance and response. The Moto G4 Play wasn’t fast when I bought it, but it wasn’t gummy either.

I depend on the audio book continuing to play, all day, all night, for personal reasons, I want it always to be there. Some old implementation of bt may be in the way?

Any thoughts? Would appreciate them, AS EVER! Sorry this post is long.



One thing I tried was to stop ‘bluetooth share’ from Settings, Apps, then clear all caches. That doesn’t seem to have helped, although bt share has stopped climbing above the 1gb mark. Yet, it still averages at around 500mb of ram, and I don’t know if even *that* is too high a suckage number? That’s an average, mind you. I’ve seen it climb to over 600 - 700mb worth of memory usage.



This ‘bluetooth share’ service keeps dropping and climbing in the memory stats section. I don’t know what to make of it anymore. So far I’ve done everything short of a factory reset.

I also disabled everything else that I can get away with, and still keep the Moto playing audio books. There *are* after all some apps and things that an underpowered Android device can do without. I found a bunch of components that allowed for disabling, and did that. I’m sure something will peep if it needs one of those apps to be re-enabled.

I like the Moto G4 Play a lot, in terms of how it’s stock, and how (welcoming) it is to the user. When I get more money together, I’ll go find whatever is the next rung up the Moto ladder. Got to have more memory, at least twice as much. I can do without the cameras and stuff like that, but that bluetooth has to stay on.

btw, I’ve been looking at instructions for unlocking the phone and rooting, and they’re ALL OVER THE PLACE. A lot of these Android geeks are not so good with English. In short, I still don’t understand how to unlock and root this phone, because nobody in google searches will spell it out simply and in plain English.

I’ll just leave this issue alone and wait (hope) that Android 7.1.2 will come out for this phone. Updates happen every few months for devices like this one.



I told the Moto to “forget” the device it was paired with and rescan. I don’t know if that will work over the next 24 hours, but it hasn’t harmed anything.

I dumped Google Play Music and finally settled on a nice app called Musicolet.

None of this should be any big deal, here in the West where most everyone has enough to eat, but I’d like to have this bluetooth thing sorted out.

Maybe they should scrap the current bluetooth stack and start over, but what do I know, I’m just an end user. : )


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