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Broadcast you're single/unemployed everywhere you go

Recently I have been playing around with Google’s experimental and open source project “The Physical Web” ( The short version of Google’s project is replacing QRC codes that no one ever scans with low powered bluetooth devices that transmit a web page every X seconds. When you walk into a business or by a movie poster as shown in the demo video, your phone notifies you (without an additional app installed) about the movie, store, etc. My prediction is in a year or less this is going to be disabled and another flop. If a Google success, our phones will be filled with Ads just because we walked by a billboard or into a business. Either way I started thinking of malicious security issues and some fun/useless ways to use this new tool. Then it hit me, Tinder without the Tinder app! Think of sending out your personal bio or resume to all the people that aren’t on dating sites or linkedin. No Tinder app needed for your future partner to download!

With a few dollars you can broadcast your own resume to everyone that walks by your 2,500 square meter bubble. Most iOS phones and current android chrome 49 users (beta) will see your resume, message, photo, whatever you want broadcasted 24/7 anywhere you go and they have no choice! The first time they walk by your beacon and happen to look at their tool bar they will see your message and link to your webpage.


To get started find yourself a Eddystone Beacon, they range in a few dollars to about $15. Download Google’s free Physical web app or the many other free ibeacon apps and direct the beacon to your website. If you don’t have a website sign up for a free easy to make social website like Flavors.Me. I use it to host my resume. Thats it! Now everywhere you go, the world will know you are single, unemployed or conducting malicious attacks on anyone walking by you...

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