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Buying the Latest HDMI Cableto Support An 8K TV

After providing a mind-blowing experience of watching movies and sports on 4K and HDR televisions, it is already time to upgrade for something more now! Well, yes, 8K TVs are soon going to crowd the market and get into mainstream households.

Now, in case you are not quite acquainted with these jargons, let us make it clearer for you to understand. So first things first, we need to find out what is 8K television.


What is an 8K TV and how different is it from a 4K TV?

Full Ultra HD or the Ultra High Definition 8K contains 7680x4320 pixels in dimensions. It is named so because it has roughly 8000 pixels horizontally. A 4K TV contains about 4 times the pixels of a 1080p display while an 8K TV has 16 times the pixels. With 4K TVs still selling like hot cakes in the market even with the expensive price tags, the launch of the 8K TV is expected to bring in a revolution. To fit these many pixels, manufacturers are deciding to launch 8K technologies in TVs of size 85 inches or larger.


How should you look for the perfect HDMI cable for your 8K TV?

When the new standard of 8K TVs hitting the market will be commonplace, you will need the latest HDMI cord for enjoying the ultimate viewing experience. However, not every HDMI cord will support your 8K TV, therefore, before you go shopping, here are some tech words you should note down -


· Real 8K

· Ultra-high-speed HDMI cable

· HDMI 2.1 standards

· 8K 60 Hz

· 8k UHD

· 48G HDMI cable

These are some of the cords falling under the category of HDMI category 3, which although were designed to support HDMI 2.1 at 4K, 5K, and so on, recent experiments prove that they can also support 8K and even 10K. But you need to remember that buying only these would not do the job, because limited 8K accessories are currently available. As 8K TVs have not yet reached the market for commercial purposes, you will have to use these for now if you want to future-proof your TV set. And you have got two options for these, and both are equally effective, so there is nothing to be worried about.


The first option says that you can go and purchase 48G cables straight away, as it is easily available. Or you can stick to your Category 2 high-speed HDMI cables which are compatible with the above-mentioned HDMI 2.1 standards.

It is predicted that HDMI compatible 8K cables are going to be only a bit more expensive than their 4K counterparts. But if you are excited about getting 8K TVs as soon as it starts selling in the marketplace, you can get this as it would be worth it.


However, if you can wait until 8K content becomes available, you can use your 4K cables as of now.

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