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Can't block some images on Lh. Help?

an update:

There’s just nothing to do about this, except keep clear of the front page and go for some kind of an rss feed solution, which is not much of one. Meantime, wherever I can, I will block block block away, not just because of gawker, but because the internnet on the whole has become such a whorehouse for advertising. There are pimps mixed in there, too. As if anyone doesn’t know all this.


I have been trying to block some large obnoxious images at the lh front wwwpage. I hate them. Can anyone comment on how to get them gone?

I have blocked in hosts. I have tried to restrict it in Noscript. I have turned images off entirely. All this is happening in the latest Firefox. And none of it has an effect.

I loathe gawker, most of it, but the point is, if I’m blocking images, for whatever reason, that means ALL of them. And I’m not getting my way. Can someone help? Much thanks!


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