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Can't Hide File Names for Pics and Videos

It appears that in the Fall Creator’s Update, MS removed the ability to hide file names for pics and videos. I can’t find the option *anywhere*. And man have I looked.

I don’t mean hiding extensions, rather the feature that makes pic and video thumbnails look tidier when you open their folders.

I can do this for any file type in Windows 7. Not just media. I just don’t know how to make it work in Windows 10. It may really be gone, but in case it isn’t and I overlooked something, some tweak, can anyone here help?

When I look at my Windows 10 photo galleries and see their names, it feels like something is broken. Though it’s not. It’s just that aesthetically it looks better without the file names.

Ideas? Fellow geeks? Travelers in byte land? Thank you all a whole bunch!


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