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Cautiously Find Your Footing, in Friday's Open Thread

Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday Open thread, where you ask your most burning tech, DIY, and hacking-related questions, and the Lifehacker hive-mind does its best to compute an answer for you.

I'm your host, BrokeinMileEnd, back after a prolonged absence from the content trenches, and typing this during a lunch break at my newish – sigh call centre tech support job. (I'm just gathering material for an update to this guide, I swear.)


As always, this portion of your Lifehacker TGIF programming is brought to you by Hackerspace. Hackerspace: the same Gawker Media editorial rigor you've come to expect, with none of the oversight (or overhead). Do you want to play with us? Ask how, in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

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