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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Chewing, Doing, Less Nicotine

I have a tip, possibly, for all you nicotine heads who are chewing the gum. At some point when you're chewing, say, Nicorettes, you might be at 4mg for a while. After a few months of that, it may be time to drop down to 2. I've done this as of last week. So now there's even less of an urge for the gum.

The next stage I think could be just gum, no nic. I'm hoping I won't notice, that the nicotine won't matter at that point.

This is an edit. Comes under 'if I might suggest'. If you are given a choice between Nicorettes and a no-name brand, you're probably going to find that the no-names are no-good. In my case, the packaging was without class, hard to open, the gum tasted stale, and if there was any nicotine in them, it was overpowered by the cheapness of it all.


Obvious Moon

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