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Chill Out in this Week's Open Thread

Taking a break from our usual crazy at Hackerspace, the reader run branch of the LifeHacker family, this week's open thread is a calm little place for y'all to ask questions, share tips, discuss DIY, and just pull up a keyboard and tell us all about what's new and interesting and random. This week we bring you the following awesome:

Elena wrote a killer post with killer moving tips:


Window's autohotkey guru Moon discuss quitting smoking:

Master of productive writing Anthony tackles disaster preparedness:


And via our neighbor in the kinjaverse, we have YogaNerd's advice on doctor visits:


If you'd like to join this glorious company, check out our very recently written guide to Hackerspace. Then, ask in the comments for author privileges. If your commenting history indicates active participation in LifeHacker or the kinjaverse at large, you're likely to get it. If your commenting history is sparser, write something and ask us to share.


Image via mokkerz-wizdom (tumbler)

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