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Chlorophyll May Help You Not To Die Young

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You heard about it first in grade school. Your science teacher tackled it in the first months of the school year. What am I talking about? Chlorophyll, of course! That wonderful green pigment that’s contained by all plants and one that they use together with sunlight to get their nutrients.


You’re just a little kid then so she explained the green thing in the simplest way possible. That way, your young mind could grasp it, and why, among all the big science topics, Chlorophyll is one of the most important ones.

I surmise you’d still remember some of the facts about it. Its importance, and the amazing things it can do. The thing is—you’ve forgotten most of ‘em, now.


But no prob. I’ll remind you ‘bout the fabulous facts regarding this miracle initiator in this post.

Perhaps it was in your fourth grade that your teacher tackled the subject. It’s one of the fundamental topics of your science class after all. I’m sure your teacher discussed that Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants, and that plants utilize chlorophyll and sunlight to manufacture food.


Those are the basics. You’ve known them even in your childhood, as I have mentioned earlier. Now, why am I harping about ‘em now?

Lives have been saved by using chlorophyll.

Sicknesses have been cured using this very ordinary and common component of plants. How did it cure those diseases? How do people use them? How does it work? Why do so many people believe it’s better than traditional medicine?


Those questions will be answered here.

Prior to presenting the answers, allow me to share some testimonies about my experiences with chlorophyll; these personal stories have astounded people everywhere.


My testimony using Chlorophyll (I did not go for surgery, but I was cured of gallbladder issues.) 

6 years ago, I had stomach pains. The kind that wouldn’t let you get some shut eye all night long. You know what I’m talking ‘bout.


Yes, when those stomach aches attacked I’d spend sleepless nights. So after sometime, I went to see my doc and had several tests. He suggested I had x-rays and laboratory tests, and go for an ultrasound check.

The results came out and I and my wife were shocked to discover that I had gallstones; not only one, though, but several and of different sizes.


One has the size of a big coin. So, the doctor told me, he had to surgically remove the stones right away, because my gallbladder can erupt anytime. That’s how bad it was!

We went for a second medical opinion. The diagnosis was the same, and the recommendation... similar: I needed to go under the knife. I consulted my wife and I thoroughly analyzed things and prayed hard.


Then I made my decision.

I didn’t go for the surgery.

I opted to drink chlorophyll three times a day, and I did a gallstone flush. That’s the alternative way. And, what happened?


My stones, sixty three of them, passed out from my body the morning after the flush. And I never had the symptoms again; the painful attacks when I have eaten fatty foods.

I attribute this to my chlorophyll-drinking habit and the alternative way: “gallstone flush.” After seeing the stones with my own eyes, I vowed to be extra careful with my diet. I had to drastically change my lifestyle to ensure that my body won’t form gallstones ever again.


That’s my story.

Now, here’s my wife’s (She had lumps on her breast): 

It started simply as a faint pain on her right breast. Then one day she also felt a little lump.


We went for a series of tests and the results showed a growth the size of 3 centimeters. By then, her doctor told us they needed to conduct a surgery to take out the lump. He also told us my wife had to drink liquid chlorophyll mixed with lukewarm water every day. Like me, she had to do this, three times a day.

My wife followed the doc’s advice and drank liquid chlorophyll, consistently. She never forgot to mix it with lukewarm water, too.


The result... believe it or not, in about two week’s time, the lump on her breast disappeared. Totally gone!

A miracle!

It wouldn’t be fair if I won’t tell you, most importantly our prayers were heard by God, too. So, the liquid chlorophyll worked along with our prayers.


What happened? And how did it happen?

Allow me to tell you about the benefits of chlorophyll first: 

- It helps strengthen cells.

- It enhances the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.

- It deodorizes the bowel and the whole body.

- It boosts a strong immune response.

- It backs up the intestinal system. In other words, it builds a strong support for the system.


- It neutralizes the polluted air that we breathe in everyday. Therefore it’s also a superb supplement for smokers.

- It smoothly delivers magnesium and helps blood carry oxygen more efficiently to all cells and tissues.


- It’s helps the body in chelating and absorbing calcium and other heavy minerals.

- When taken with other vitamins such as E, C, and A, chlorophyll has been noticed to help combat free radicals that can damage healthy cells.


- It’s an effective deodorizer to reduce the odor of urine, fecal waste, and practically to reduce body odor.

- Chlorophyll may aid in the reduction of carcinogens’ ability to bind with DNA in various major organs of the human body.


- It may help in treating calcium oxalate stone issues.

- Chlorophyll has been seen to have some anti-atherogenic activity too.

- It has anti-carcinogenic and antimutagenic properties. Therefore, it may aid in protecting your body against toxins and may also help in reducing the side effects of drugs.


How Chlorophyll Works:

Remember, chlorophyll harnesses the energy of the sun in a process called photosynthesis. (You learned that in primary school).


Moreover, talking about the chlorophyll molecule, if we consider it chemically, it is almost similar to the human blood; the only difference is—its central atom is magnesium. The human blood’s central atom, on the other hand, is iron.

It’s also crucial to point out that the magnesium in plants executes two metabolic functions. One, respiration and the other, growth.


This green wonder is also known to help cleanse the body and maintain the action of the circulatory and intestinal systems. This explains why my gallstones and my wife’s lumps were eradicated successfully with the help of Chlorophyll.

Lumps and stones are more or less growths that may have formed from toxins, undigested fats, carcinogens from the unhealthy food that we eat, and polluted elements from the water that we drink.


Chlorophyll also backs up the blood-cleansing process of our body. In more simple terms, it helps in cleansing our blood.

In fact, we can say that blood to humans is like chlorophyll to plants. This is why chlorophyll works so well in humans. It was mentioned earlier in this post that the molecular characteristic of blood and chlorophyll are almost the same. That’s why when taken in by man, it works extremely well. Chlorophyll blends efficiently with the human body.


In due course, because of its healing powers, people naturally learned to use chlorophyll as medicine. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and and silkworm droppings are prime sources of chlorophyll.

To ancient people, alfalfa is known as “the father of all foods.” In their tribe, whenever one is sick or not well, they have always recommended alfalfa. They have proven time and again, upon taking it, people got well.


Another popular characteristic of chlorophyll is it helps in the protection of healthy cells. Not only that, it also supports those cells and promotes the elimination of various toxins from the body; toxins that the body has obliviously absorbed through unhealthy food, unclean water, and from polluted air.

External uses of chlorophyll

Commonly, chlorophyll helps in addressing halitosis (bad breath) and in reducing colostomy odor. Colostomy is an opening made in the abdomen via surgery that permits waste from the intestines to be gathered in a bag. It is also superb for healing wounds. With it, you can also cure athlete’s foot, dandruff, and common pimples.


Other uses of Chlorophyll

Through the years, man has discovered more uses of Chlorophyll. Now it is also used to help alleviate constipation. It’s also good for detoxification, and for healing wounds. In fact in the Second World War, the U.S. Army has used chlorophyll as antiseptic for its soldiers’ wounds. I have used it for my wounds, too; common wounds can heal in a day with the aid of liquid chlorophyll.


Sources of Chlorophyll

Green leafy plants are obviously the best sources of chlorophyll. The problem is, cooking destroys much of the chlorophyll. If you truly want to enjoy the benefits of chlorophyll, the best thing to do is to get your supply through chlorophyll supplements.


Chlorophyll extracts, liquid solutions of chlorophyll and tablets forms of chlorophyll are now readily available. You can buy them in local drugstores and health product outlets. Liquid or tablet, the benefits of chlorophyll can empower your immune system, strengthen your tissues and organs, and a naturally help you maintain a healthy body.

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