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With their recent update last Friday, Movies by Flixster can be added to the growing list of Android apps with Chromecast support. I tried it out after getting home, and it works pretty well. Which is great, because unlike Vudu, the Flixster app is compatible with my Nexus 7, so if I don't feel like using my phone, I now have another option. With a few exceptions, I have access to all the same movies or TV shows on either app since they're linked to the same Ultra Violet account. Streamed well, although when I had to pause it for a while, I couldn't get it to start up again, and had to start it over and skip ahead to where I was before (luckily it showed the time for when I had paused). Still, not bad for a $35 piece of hardware and a free app on a phone and tablet I already own.

As promised, here's the pictures.

Screen shot of the app on the Nexus 7.


Picture of the Nexus 7 and the TV with the movie being cast.

Picture of the TV with the movie.


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