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Chromecast for Vudu: A Quick Review (with pictures)

Over the weekend (on March 29), Vudu put out an update for their Android app, and the first thing listed on "What's new" is Chromecast support! The exclamation point is included in the actual description, but I was pretty excited about it too. Although I didn't actually pay attention to that, and instead found out today when I got an e-mail from Vudu about Chromecast support being available.

So after getting home from work, I did a quick test, and it works pretty well. I tried it out with a couple titles Robocop (1987) which was only available in SD, and Taken which was available in HD. Screen shots and pictures of my TV to follow. I also tried it with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but since I haven't seen it (wasn't interested since I read the book and wasn't happy about the changes I'd heard about, but I'm willing to give it a view since I have it) I didn't want to skip around.

Here's a screenshot of my phone while it casts to my TV. The little blue icon on the bottom right is the familiar (if you've seen it before) Chromecast symbol.


And a couple pictures of my TV (with the chromecast sticking out of it) with the movie being cast to it.


And Taken, which was available to stream in HD.


And a couple pictures of the movie being cast to my TV.


So it works pretty well. And even though there's a Vudu app for the PS3, Roku3, X-Box 360 (with live gold account), and probably some of those smart TVs, if you don't have one of those, at $35, you now have a much less expensive alternative that also works with Netflix, Youtube, and hopefully more to come.

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