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Chromecast Full Screen Hulu (While Still Multitasking on Your Computer) {Update}

If you weren't sick of hearing about this thing yet...

Chromecast is fun and all, but there are some rough edges. For instance using your computer while watching a Hulu full screen 'tab cast' didn't seem possible. If you:

  • Make Hulu in fullscreen it will take over your laptop screen, which you want to use to do other stuff.
  • Keep Hulu minimized, you get the website stuff casting to your TV.
  • Pop-out window does not work since there is no option to use extensions.


The fix? Changing a Hulu pop-out window to a normal tabbed window.


1. Open the show you want to watch in a pop-out window.

2. Right click the window bar of the pop-out and choose "Show as tab"

3. Start Casting the normal way.

You still have to deal with some black bars, but it's a huge improvement over casting from the normal Hulu page.


Much better.

Edit: more than one way to skin a cat. A simple alt-tab action gets the job done too. This seems to fit the TV screen better, however it does seem to obscure the Windows taskbar when you're busy multitasking on your computer in other Chrome tabs. In any case, try both methods out and see which one you like. Thanks Eric!

FWIW, it should also work if you just Alt-Tab out of the full-screen window in the regular tab. You'll still see the full-screen video playing underneath your other windows, but it will be displayed in full in Chromecast.

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