Hola, mi amore! Welcome to another edition of the Open Thread for Hackerspace.

So, I went out to buy a deep socket metric set with wrench included. It was Craftsman (Craftsman is good for wrenches). Luckily, they have a lifetime warranty on their stuff, because it was defective. I need to return that tonight, probably on the way home. I was highly upset, because Iā€™m just putting the finishing touches, and all I needed was to be able to tighten some bolts at an odd angle.

Oh, well.

This weekend, Iā€™ll be in LA, enjoying the new IKEA. Yay! New furniture to assemble from vague directions. Mainly some shelving. Maybe a new bed. Some light fixtures. Nothing too crazy.

So, what are you peeps doing this fine and dandy weekend?