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Cinco De Mayo Con Taco En Discusión Abierta

Hola, mi amore! Welcome to another edition of the Open Thread for Hackerspace.

So, I went out to buy a deep socket metric set with wrench included. It was Craftsman (Craftsman is good for wrenches). Luckily, they have a lifetime warranty on their stuff, because it was defective. I need to return that tonight, probably on the way home. I was highly upset, because I’m just putting the finishing touches, and all I needed was to be able to tighten some bolts at an odd angle.


Oh, well.

This weekend, I’ll be in LA, enjoying the new IKEA. Yay! New furniture to assemble from vague directions. Mainly some shelving. Maybe a new bed. Some light fixtures. Nothing too crazy.

So, what are you peeps doing this fine and dandy weekend?


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