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Clearly Obscene Open Thred

Just look at this cat degrading herself for dollars!

That’s just not right.

But, today, we are here to talk about things! Some things are projects, like the huge Snap-on tool box I now have in my garage (AWESOME!). I need to organize my tools, so that works for me. Somethings are eating and cooking, like me driving to Gilroy to go to the New Tung Kee to get the #2 with no bean sprouts on Saturday, even though there should be a small bit of rain and wind. Or, just general bad news in our lives, like my dad’s vision has become bad enough to where he may lose his license. I love that dude, so I’m going to have to take him to spend more time doing things before it’s terrible. He reads many books, so I know this has to be hard for him.


My dad’s favorite singer is Neil Diamond. So I’m going to leave this here for you all to enjoy.

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