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Welcome to the weekly open thread where Lifehacker (and Hackerspace) readers share tips & tricks, seek advise, or just stop by to say “hello” and talk about whatever’s going on. Working on a project, or got any fun weekend plans you want to share? This is the place for that.

Hackerspace is the reader run sub-blog of Lifehacker, and the open thread is a great way to get to know everyone, and give or get some advise or just shoot the breeze. If you’d like to be able to write on Hackerspace, make a request in the comments, maybe include links to things you’ve written, and you should be good to go, there’s even a handy guide.


It’s been a quiet week, but if you’ve run a survey and want some ideas on how to present the results, Sara McGuire has some helpful tips for you.

Today’s gif is homemade, with video taken using my Nexus 5, and the very helpful but poorly named (unless you’re trying to be found in search results) Android app Gif Edit Maker video.

And as part of a new thing we’re trying, should you choose to accept, the weekly theme topic will be food, which should not be surprising to anyone who is familiar with some of my other posts in the Kinja-verse. So got any tips for the best ways to prepare a quick and/or easy meal? Or some kind of food combinations that might not sound good, but surprisingly are? You can write a post about, or if it’s a short thing just include it in the comments. Feel free to also write about any other Hackerspace appropriate topic you want.

Here’s one. If you’re a fan of frozen corn dogs (and I suggest getting the all beef kind, because reasons), you can microwave them so they cook faster, and then put them in the toaster oven so they’re still crunch like if they were deep fried or baked. If you don’t have a toaster oven, a regular one will do, it’s just easier if there’s a light toast option. Not exactly ground breaking, but I’m pretty lazy about food prep, not liking to take much longer to prepare something than I do to eat it, and I eat pretty fast.


And lastly, before we get started, a plug for a site about cats. People on the internet like that, right?

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