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Hello! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where you can ask questions about technology and life, share tips about the same, or complain about your receding hairline to a cruel and indifferent universe. Did you know that Lifehacker's Andy Orin, who may or may not smell like Trident gum and soy sauce, maintains a Kinja blog dedicated entirely to cats? When he's not interviewing animators and app developers, he's apparently writing stuff like this.


As always, the open thread is brought to you by Hackerspace, a 501(c) nonprofit focusing on the welfare of endangered Kinectimals the reader-run branch of Lifehacker. If you have a piece that you'd like to contribute, write it on your personal Kinja blog and ask us to share it. Or you can ask for authorship if you've been a member of the community long enough for us to be reasonably sure that you won't use your privileges to post song lyrics all over Hackerspace.

[Image via reddit]

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