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Consult Your Physician Before Replying In This Open Thread

Warning: This Open Thread may cause everything to go wrong in your life, or maybe your dreams will come true. I’m not really sure anymore.

Welcome to the Friday Open Thread, brought to you by our overlords at Lifehacker with permission from Lord Andy The Orin.


This week we had arrinduh share a new feature of Facebook for pronouncing last names. Rachel gave us some tips for getting some tan on. Moon, our resident wild and crazy guy, was kind enough to share what he learned about his sound. Elena shares her gamer cred and has advice for how to interact with others when gaming. Our newest weekly feature, Snackerspace, will return next week when company leaves.

So, this week’s theme is cool things for a hot summer. There’s a lot of potential topics there, so get those fingers pushing buttons and making some posts to share on Hackerspace. If you want to create a new post, but are not sure how, or if you need permission, ask me below in the comment section.

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