Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Cross Thread, where last year Zarnyx and Un-Timplied asked us to share our turkey doodles. Many of you posted beautifully handdrawn turkeys in response. I, out of sheer laziness, opened up the scribble tool on my Gmail app and drew this, in about fifteen seconds:

Illustration for article titled Cook Up a Turkey Doodle in the Thanksgiving Cross Thread

Thus a doodling career was born. Thank you laziness, Larry Page, and India.

Today I’d like to ask you - yes, you, I’m pointing my finger directly in your face - to share a turkey doodle. It doesn’t have to be a hand turkey. It doesn’t have to be handdrawn. Fire up Microsoft Paint for the first time since grade school. Doodle on your iPhone (you may already have the app you need). Amuse me with the crudeness of your effort.

As y’all know, the cross thread is a pan-Kinja joint, rotating between member blog-nations like the goddamn Olympics. Like the Olympics, it’s meant to promote peace between member states, and to create friendships between people from distant lands. It is a noble undertaking, fueled by the purest motives, and it is brought to you by story, a very busy, motivated person, and a mensch (though not a man). Thank you, my friend, for fostering all the stuff that should be fostered.

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