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Cough Up The Current Wallpaper

Someone, I forget who, once posted this answer to a question I had about getting the file name and path of the current wallpaper. I use it every day, it seems. I have pics go by at random, and I just want to see which one is being used right now.

It’s a batch file. I gave it a shortcut and assigned that shortcut the key combo ctrl+shift+w. From there, the output is copy/pastable.

I think it just deserves a re-post. : )

ETA: I can’t get it to work when a browser window is in the foreground. Otherwise, no problem.


ETA more: What I ended up doing was using Autohotkey to launch the batch script. I know, people care about Ahk like they care about batch files, but this trick does work. If you try it, you can change hotkeys or the name/location of the batch file. If you stay as is, then a batch named “wallp.bat” in the folder “c:\stuff\command” will be started by the combo Win key + W. The point is, it works, no matter what window is in front of you.

ETA3 - The Revenge: It seems there’s a vb script and a .reg file hack that makes finding the current wallpaper a shift-right-click away, on the Desktop. <— That one is for Windows 7. This one is supposed to work on Win8.x.


run, C:\stuff\command\wallp.bat


@echo off
@echo The path to the current Desktop background image is:

REG QUERY “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General” /v WallpaperSource


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