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Crashplan ends Home backup solution

In an announcement from CEO Joe Payne, Code42 announced yesterday that they will no longer be offering the popular (and Lifehacker favorite) backup solution Crashplan for Home. Citing a shift in business strategy to enterprise solutions, the company invites current users to either switch over to their Small Business product at a steep discount of 75% for the first 12 months, or to migrate to competitor Carbonite at a 50% discount for the first year.

Neither of those options are completely satisfying: Crashplan for Home had the popular option to backup to either a friend’s computer or a local (external) hard drive of your own. This option is not available for Small Business anymore, and Carbonite never had it to begin with. Windows and Mac OS both offer built-in solutions for backup to a local drive, but you’ll lose the centralization of all your backups in one place that Crashplan offered.


Meanwhile Backblaze, yet another competitor, is trying to win Crashplan users over to their side. They don’t offer a discount, but their base price is cheaper than Crashplan for Home’s and Carbonite’s ($5/month or $50/year versus $6/month or $60/year) and their product seems to be better and easier to use than Carbonite. Please note that the pricing differences may change if you need to backup more than one device.

Personally I chose to switch to Crashplan for Small Business because it’s ridiculously cheap right now ($2,5/month for 1 device for the next 12 months). After that period I’ll migrate to another program (right now I’d say Backblaze but who knows what changes in 12 months...).

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