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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Ctrl+Scroll Wheel is your friend

Everybody knows Ctrl+scroll wheel resizes text in your browser; a lot of people know that it does the same in MS Office, Photoshop and some similar apps. Fewer know that it also changes the view of your files in Windows Explorer. For example if you have your view set to 'Extended Tiles' then one notch of the wheel and you're in 'Details' view, then another notch takes you to 'List' view and so on. One advantageous side-effect of this is when you switch to 'Large Icons to view your photos. 'Extra Large' can be too big if you want to see more images at a time and 'Large' is too small. Just roll your wheel in 'Large' view till you get the image size you (and your eyes) prefer.


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