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Original: The convenience of modern web browsers is, and continues to be, amazing. Custom search engines have been a thing for a while and many posts have been written extolling various uses as modern day conveniences.

This example is created with Google Chrome in mind (where the standard wildcard symbol is ‘%s’).


Package Tracking

Here are a few more to add to the list. If you ship/receive packages on a regular basis, you probably are notified by email which may or may not be tied into your Google Now page, however sometimes the email doesn’t play nice and you have to go to the website to look it up. Here’s the fastest



UPS: (I don’t think the way UPS handles tracking allows for a URL based lookup. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)


Update: Do this instead...

If the email I receive contains the tracking number, I usually highlight it, right click, and select “google [highlighted text].” Then Google will recognize it as a tracking number and show you the link to the appropriate carrier’s website where you can see the tracking info. ~Liveschedules

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