I got the following message when trying to “shrink” a “volume” on a secondary hdd.

“... virtual disk manager ... the service cannot be started because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it..” Except Virtual Disk *was* on.

Then google gave this as the first result.


How about that....: ) you have to make sure that defrag is set to automatic and started. I wouldn’t have connected the two things. But my defrag was off, because I like to use such .bat files as this one, which keeps me out of Services if I don’t want to go there.


@echo off

net stop defragsvc > nul
net start defragsvc > nul

sc config defragsvc start= disabled > nul
sc stop defragsvc > nul

The whole idea is ocd based. If a service is not needed, it’s off, until it needs to be on. Then I run such batch lines as these:


@echo off

sc config defragsvc start= auto > nul
sc start defragsvc > nul

net stop defragsvc > nul
net start defragsvc > nul

I don’t know why it’s necessary to have so many ‘net stop/start’ lines, but I found that it is.

I learned something from the error, but I have not changed my shutting down ways.

I hope somebody can use the batches.