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It's the holiday season, which means gadgets and toys galore for many of us. One problem is that they can be so ugly. Case in point:


This inductive charger. It's so ugly! It sits there on the nightstand. It goes with nothing. It collects dust and hair and it shows immediately.

The solution is obvious: give it a little holiday gift wrap! It retains its wonderfully convenient utility and serves to make the room look better instead of worse.


Other ideas for temporary wrapping:

- Not-festive-enough hanging pictures/mirrors

- Xbox Kinect (minus holes for the sensors)

- Clocks (minus the hands)

Do you have any holiday decoration hacks that you'd like to share? Do so below (or in your own Hackerspace post).


Edit: As suggested in the comments, it might be a good idea to use common sense when wrapping electronics that get hot.

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