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Dive Into the Friday Open Thread

Hello happy lifehacker readers and random denizens of the kinjaverse (the rickety publishing platform on which this house of cards is built). How are ya’ll doing this week? Any cool projects? Seeking advise on how to deal with the world? Or just how to sort out your kitchen? Find something cool? Interesting? Fun? Share all and random in the comments below.

This week (and most other weeks probably) Elena deserves a round of appluase for basically keeping the lights on. She’s told us how to stay productive on weekends so that we can make better videos in hopes of promoting those books we wrote. She also maintains a cool travel blog when not writing for hackerspace.


If you’d like to emulate Elena (or even one our more slackery types) and write for Hackerspace (us!) and have been on lifehacker or kinja for more than a minute, let us know in the comments.

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