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Do You Like To Run Or Walk But Not Often? Then the Leap Day Virtual 5k/10k Might Be Just the Thing For You.

If you like to run or walk, but maybe only once every 4 years, Virtual Running Club is providing a Leap Day 5k/10k virtual run/walk that might be right up your alley, or anywhere because it’s virtual.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with these, a virtual run/walk is a run/walk that you do in real life, but on your own time and at any place of your choosing. The virtual part is that it’s not organized to take place at any specific place, or any specific time other than possibly a specific day, like Feb 29th in this case. Some allow you to link a tracking app, but most, like this one, have you submit your finish time, on the honor system.

This one includes a medal and t-shirt ($35) or you can choose just the medal ($25), and if you can register here. The medal and t-shirt are designed to look like a calendar page.


So if you’re interested in doing the once every 4 years run/walk, or just want the medal and/or t-shirt, go sign up. The run/walk needs to be done on Feb 29 (which is a Monday) and your finish time submitted that day. But again, this is on the honor system, so if you just want the stuff, you can submit any made up time you want. Just keep it realistic so you’re not beating a lot of other people on time and discouraging anyone.

The t-shirts won’t get mailed out until 2 weeks after Leap Day so you have time to think on this one. If you choose to sign up and participate, happy running/walking!

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