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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

I remember walking around with my now wife's engagement ring in my pocket with such a sense of dread that it would magically vanish. The biggest purchase of my life, gone. It was uninsured because I was dumb and didn't do my research properly.

I never owned a renters insurance policy until recently. A recent close call with a missing wedding band reminded me to research insurance. ASAP.


Until recently I thought renters insurance was mostly useless since it only covered thief related or catastrophic loss versus the far more likely loss by accidental brain fart. Not true! While it does add a pretty penny to the policy, you can cover accidental losses by adding a "rider" or "extension" to the policy to add that peace of mind. I chose to only cover the engagement ring and it added about 2x the cost of the policy.

I write this since I figure I'm far from the first person to be confused about how to cover your big ticket items for your real life.

What are your experiences with renters/home-owners insurance?

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