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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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If you are offended or enraged by PRISM, aka the government tracking your phones through Verizon, ATT or another phone carrier. I have a simple question:Why?


The government is probably the least at fault. For years, Google has been reading every one of your emails. Twitter and Facebook track your location and webpages you view. There is even a tool so that I or anyone else could see your location based off your twitter. Even the pictures you take on your smartphone have the location built into the file, so anyone could see where it was taken. Instagram even has some little thing hidden in their privacy agreement that they can sell and use your pictures freely.

Sure we give those companies permission to do all that. But if we allow it, and have been for awhile. Why be so mad when the government does it? In my opinion the government is actually the least creepy. All in all.... the government is probably behind major companies in the creepy stalker race. I say privacy has been given up for a trade. We traded it for "productivity". Almost every productivity tool tracks you. Your phone, Fuelband, MP3 player or computer. Technology has sold off our secrets so that we can "work" more efficiently.

What do you think? Angry or indifferent?

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