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Don’t just entertain… enthrall your audience!

When Tom Fletcher from McFly stood up to deliver his wedding speech last December, he probably hadn't anticipated that after six months, it would go viral and be a big hit garnering 10 million views.

OK, Tom is a talented singer/composer and performer – and can afford to hire a choir – but let's reduce everything to the basics. Tom did everything right. He's funny, used visual aids, and enjoined his guests in his romantic tribute to his bride.


If you haven't seen the video, Tom sang his speech while the audience watched a well crafted and perfectly timed film of lyrics, graphics and photographs of not just his wife, but their combined friends and families.

It was the combination of sights and sounds the guests experienced that made it so engaging.

Venue owners, take note. The days of providing the top table with a microphone, PA system and copious amounts of Dutch courage are gone. Wedding guests don't want to stare at quivering wrecks struggling to make sense of their hastily written prompt cards – now, they expect more. They need to be entertained.

Likewise, the rules have changed for speakers. They use phones , tablets, and laptops to gather their thoughts. They utilize Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Instagram to feature photos and film footages. Their material is more than anecdotal – they live in a world where words, pictures and moving images are gathered in a compelling ensemble.


Whether you hire out a country house hotel or a conference centre, a tithe barn or a town hall, it's good business sense to add projectors to the facilities you offer wedding planners.

Projectors don't just enhance wedding speeches, they can also dress up a room. Imagine projecting a climbing wisteria onto a plain wall, a gallery of guests up a staircase or the bride and grooms' childhood videos onto the dance floor. Just remember, use a projector that has colour quality. Choose one with 3LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology over one using 1-chip DLP (Digital Light Processing). 3LCD technologies deliver colours three times brighter and images that are clear and rich in detail.


"At a wedding I attended, projectors were set above each table," says bride-to-be Marina Hyatt. "It was a Vegas-themed wedding so everything from a roulette table to flashing neon lights were projected onto white table clothes. It looked incredible".

With projection technology now more affordable and better quality than ever, the only limit is your imagination and creativity.


It helps to be reminded though that 3LCD projectors are the ideal choice for venue owners to offer their clients. No one wants their childhood pictures or decorations to blend in with the background or worse appear dull.

When looking at LCD projector specifications, it all comes down to what is meant by "brightness". Some manufacturers only quote the brightness in projector lumens for white light - in other words, how bright a projector is when showing a plain white image. But this is only half the story. As well as knowing about the White Light Output lumens specification, ask about the Colour Light Output (CLO) lumens- these determine how bright the colours are projected. You want equally high White and Colour light outputs.


After all, it's not just the best man's speech that should be colourful.

Photo Credit: AURORA Norwich

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