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Donald Trump, ever loud, ever divisive, is dominating online media coverage. According to a recent Buzzsumo study analyzing more than 14,000 articles on the US presidential candidates, Donald Trump is dominating media attention by double some of his opponents.

Articles written about Donald Trump were shared over 214 million times. That’s almost 60 million times more than the next most written about candidate, Bernie Sanders, who had just over 153 million shares. Trump has twice the number of shares as Hillary Clinton and more than three times the number of shares as fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz.

What makes this even more astounding is the fact that the majority of Trump’s media coverage is not bought by his campaign or followers. It’s almost entirely “earned” or “free” media, meaning “news and commentary about his campaign on television, in newspapers and magazines, and on social media.”


For better or for worse, the web is atwitter with stories about Trump. This infographic shows how the US presidential candidates stack up in terms of online coverage.

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