Hello. Welcome to the Friday open thread, where not for the first time we’ll all imbibe too many drinks and get tattoos we’ll regret in the morning.

Hackerspace contributors shared quite a few posts this week, some of which I even read. Elena wrote a to-do list for making better to-do lists. Trappleton sung the virtues of TextEdit as a plain-text editor. Finally, umataro wrote about an experimental version of the Xposed Framework for Android that runs on arm64 devices like the Nexus 9. I’d explain better what this does if I understood at all what I just said.

As always, the Friday open thread is brought to you by the cats who control the people who run Hackerspace. If you’d like to become a Hackerspace author, congratulations for having attainable dreams. If you’re a long-time participant in these threads and known for anything other than a history of violent crime, authorship is yours when you want it. If you’re new, first step through the metal detector and we’ll talk to you on the other side, with security present for our protection.


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