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Welcome to the Friday Open Thread, hosted by Hackerspace, the reader-run community associated with Lifehacker! If you can think of nothing to say, today’s theme is doodling software. We all know that Liveskittles is plugging away in MS Paint - what’s your setup? That gif’s a 3D printer pen that’s just shipping after a couple years.

The choice is partly inspired by my struggles in Illustrator for making figures. I have a million tiny dots that are grouped but give me the spinny wheel of death for 3 minutes every time I have to move them. I’ve already established with my coworkers that I’m bad at this because I willfully don’t remember when computers were slower at performing tasks than it took me to think of them.


From this week on Hackerspace:

Twitter hashtags are full of spam:

Spotify on mobile can be tricky:

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