Apparently everyone was too mortified to take the Trabant 601 to the Hackerspace equivalent of Cars and Coffee this week. I manned up and took the wheel. Well, here I am! :D Welcome to the latest iteration of the Friday Open Thread! Come on in and follow me! *floor the gas pedal, Trabant revs to redline and moves at a slow, constant crawl*

Fun fact: It wasn’t until 1964 when East Germany developed a counterpart to West Germany’s Volkswagen Typ 1. The result was the Trabant 601, a wool-based fibreglass-bodied deathtrap of a clown car. Powering the front wheels was a minute 595 cc two-cylinder two-stroke engine that produced a mere 19 kW. It remained in production until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Hackerspace was busy this week! Here are all the posts from the past week. They may come in handy for you.


Dorothy shares insights on how to ask your boss to spare some of their hard-inherited money to give you a raise.

Fun fact: With today’s inflation rate, minimum wage in the US hasn’t changed since 1977. If you are working a minimum wage job, push for a liveable wage.


Pedantic computer owner Monsieur Lune expresses grave disappointment over the absence of scrollbars with the Stylish add-on following a Firefox update.

Fun fact: Always check whether add-ons and extensions have been updated for the latest version of the browser before installing.


Death metal-loving self-proclaimed priest who moonlights as a computer guru, struggles to accept that the developers at Mozilla moved the placement of tabs to the bottom in the latest version of Firefox.

Fun fact: It is possible to revert back to the previous version of Firefox.


Luna Lovegood gets his knickers in a twist and goes on a tirade about the staggering incompetence of the Kinja platform.

Fun fact: Kinja has always been a crash course for blog developers.


Apple is having a rough week following a major insider leak that’s been known for months. Tony Toreto adds fuel to the fire with the news that a coalition of Chinese developers filed a complaint against Apple over the App Store.

Fun fact: iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are extravagant mobiles for people who desperately need them more than basic life necessities and intend to use them for everything but actually use them as telephones. Capitalism at its finest!


Herr Mond comes to the rescue for those with terrible memory—like me, sharing a sticky note widget that isn’t a “piece of *bleep!* with ads”.

Fun fact: The adhesive used on Post-it notes was developed by accident. Thanks to a clumsy 3M employee, Post-it notes help us study and remember things.


Turns out Herra Luu has been testing a beta version of Firefox 57. It is scheduled to be released to the public later this month. Yet he is demanding Morzilla release the full installer file for Windows 10 64-bit.

Fun fact: Be patient. Brilliant things happen a little at a time. :)


Elena shares 13 reasons why having pets can benefit your health. Don’t choose a pet to adopt; let the potential pet choose you. Pets will love you more this way.

Fun fact: While it is true that pets bring you untold joy, they always come with a price. That is something to put into consideration (i.e. exorbitant vet bills, etc.).


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The much-hyped remake of Stephen King’s It is now playing at cinemas. While the boys were at their ballet and contortion classes, my husband and I went to see the movie with subtitles. Crikey, what the bloody hell did we watch? A sequel to the 1989 film Clownhouse? My husband is a film critic who occasionally contributes to the local paper. I knew he would pen a blistering review. We were leaving the cinema when he said flatly, “Getting out of here was worth the money we paid to get in.” My assistance dog was eager to get out, too.


The tone, makeup and lighting make the sinisterness of the 2017 version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown painfully obvious. The acting makes that of the original 1990 miniseries look decent. There are numerous scenes that are so dark to the point where most of the audience watched the movie through the camera on their mobiles with the brightness cranked up. The room was largely deserted by the time the credits started rolling.

It is true that It is breaking box office records. However, that doesn’t mean the movie is guaranteed to satisfy everyone. The movie isn’t just bad; it is egregious in a hostile way. My advice is to stick to the original two-part 1990 telly movie.

Today’s Questions:

  • What is the worst horror movie you have ever witnessed?
  • When was the last time you took your car to the carwash?
  • What is your favourite front-engine rear-wheel-drive foreign coupé?
  • What have you been doing to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma? No, thoughts and prayers don’t help.
  • What are you up to this weekend? Any projects?

Cheers! :)