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Well, here we go. The first portion of A+, Exam 220-801, is the IT Fundamentals II class at Western Governors University, and I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Out of every college I've looked at attending, I think this one does the best job with distance learning. For every course I have, I have a checklist of what I need to do to be allowed to attempt the final exam. So far, it's going pretty good. I need to get above an 80% on those Capstone Exercises for this exam, and do all of my reading, which is also presented online.


The LabSim website, by TestOut, seems pretty good, but I'll get y'all an update once I actually take the exam to see how much it compares.

Within the next two weeks I should have two courses done, worth a total of 7 college credits. And my semester requires me to do 12 per six-month semester. Which ends at the end of November. I'd say I'm doing pretty good.

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