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Educating a Sailor - Biology Sucks

Well, it's been quite some time. But CDC1 (Introduction to Biology) is complete. I have 15 weeks left in my WGU semester, so about halfway done. I only have one class left, so I'm on track to finish my 14 credits in half the time I have alotted. I have plans to accelerate my degree, so while I'm a little slower than I'd like, I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

Biology was a huge pain in the ass. I don't know why, I just couldn't get myself to study for it. The cut score was low, only a 56%. And man, am I glad that it is.


Regardless, 4 credits left, and then I get to accelerate my degree and move some stuff left. I'm stoked. And you should be too! For those that have forgotten me, in the time I've been away, I successfully finished teaching my first class at Nuclear Power School (Navy Nuclear Power Training Command, Charleston, SC) and have started my 2nd and 3rd classes. So that's a full time job, plus college. Plus my family of a spouse and three children. I'd say things are going pretty well. Wouldn't you?


Thanks in some part to my blogging here, in some part to Star Trek: Engage (see below), I have been asked to be a regular reviewer / writer for Some Kind of Star Trek. Which is pretty awesome. I get free Trek books! To read and review. I think that's pretty badass.

Now, what is Star Trek: Engage, you might ask?


Simply one of the best CHAT-BASED (read: You play over IRC, like D&D over distance) role-playing games out there. You know, for those of us with imaginations, who can take the words of players / crew members on a starship and picture them, this game rocks. Check it out! I'm on the USS Sentinel. We play Mondays at 9pm EST. It's awesome. Do it!

I hope to get more comments from all of you. Hang tight, and thanks for following!

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