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End of March Open Thread

Welcome to the final Open Thread for the month of March! We are brought to you by Hackerspace in conjunction with Lifehacker and Mr. Andy Orin in order to make a more perfect union. To clear up a point of confusion, we aren’t the fine folks at Lifehacker, but they are kind enough to share our words with you.

In case you missed the big news this week, past Lifehacker EIC Alan Henry has taken a role at The New York Times as a Senior Digital Strategist. Alan is a cool guy who we, the mod team, still recognize as a wonderful influence to us. Best of luck, Mr. Henry!


This week, I finalized the refi on my home. I dropped my percentage points and lowered my payment. It was pretty painless and I got it in before the interest rates went up a quarter percent. And, the best part, I get to skip my payment for April, as my first payment isn’t due until May 1! I kinda want to do this again just for kicks.

In Hackerspace this week, Moon shared a way to open files without extensions by setting a default program to open those files. Maybe it works? Only way to know is to try it.

So, what kind of tips, tricks, projects, and hacks are you fine people up to? Let us know in the comments below.

P.S. We’re making an attempt to resurrect our Twitter account, @hackerspaceblog. SHARE AWAY.


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