Glücklicher Freitag, Freunde. Na, wie geht’s? Hast du heute was Besonderes erlebt? ... Ach, SKZ, du dumme Schaf. Warum musste mir das nur passieren? OK, lass es dir übersetzen. Happy Friday, friends. Well, how are you? Did you do something special today? :)

Here are all the posts from the past week. They may come in handy for you.

Here are instructions to create a bootable Mac OS X install drive. Downgrade now if the latest OS upgrade turned your Mac into a central heating boiler. Put the fire department on speed dial just in case.

Fun fact: Mac OS X Snow Leopard was the last OS to support PowerPC and Intel architectures. Many brilliant PowerPC-based apps are now obsolete. :C


Fancy new mobiles that cost over $1,000 and do everything but wipe people’s bums are hitting store shelves soon. Tony Toreto attempts to help hapless victims of capitalism watch out for red flags.

Fun fact: Existing mobile owners know they don’t need new mobiles, but they are often motivated by peer pressure.


The company moved to the cloud and a handful of people got sacked because of their fear of heights. Elena shares six strategies to move and start afresh.

Fun fact: It takes a great deal of time and effort to start a new life, but it is worth it in the end.


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Warning: This paragraph contains politics. The 2017 German Election is this Sunday. The candidates are the current leader of the free world Angela Merkel of the CDU/CSU (centre-right) and Martin Schulz of the SPD (centre-left). I’ve always been a supporter of progressive parties. However, while I like some of Schulz’s policies, there is a big red flag: He simply doesn’t have a solid plan. Despite having made bad decisions during her tenure, Merkel proved herself to be capable of her role as Chancellor. Although I have a German citizenship (multiple nationality), I’m not eligible to vote. I know Merkel will win her fourth term. The New Zealand Election is tomorrow. The candidates—Bill English of the National Party (centre-right) and Jacinda Ardern of the Labour Party (centre-left)—are similar to the German candidates: One is reliable while the other has no solid plan. The National Party got my vote. Politics talk over.


Speaking of Deutschland, my family, parents and in-laws, my young son’s close friend and I are going there next week. There is a lot to do over the course of two weeks: Visit my family in Berlin, attend the Oktoberfest in München and meet my eldest son’s new close friend and his parents in Switzerland to go camping. Everything is ready to go.

However, there was a worrisome incident that might affect our trip. Auckland International Airport, the only international airport on the North Island, is suffering from a fuel shortage following a pipeline rupture. Many long-haul international flights are being cancelled. It’s been raining kiwis and sheep across New Zealand for days, and it is complicating the repairs. Consequently, the pressure is growing on the only international airports on the South Island. I hope we will be able to get through. If our flight is cancelled, there is always another time and we will find something else to do.


Today’s Riddles:

  1. A black German Shepherd jumped into the middle of a newly resurfaced black road. Lampposts were nowhere to be seen. A rusty old Mercedes-Benz 220D with busted headlamps thundered towards the dog, but stopped instantaneously, shearing the crust off of the Earth, to avoid hitting it. How did the driver see the dog?
  2. Haakon is the father of Storm, but Storm is not the son of Haakon. How is this possible?
  3. Is it possible to drop an egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
  4. How much dirt is there in a hole 1 m deep, 1,8 m long and 1,2 m wide?
  5. If there are twenty Pirelli tyres on sale and you take away four for your new Mercedes-Benz A45, how many do you have?


Tigrisan will host the Hackerspace equivalent of Cars and Coffee next week. She will arrive in a recalled Volkswagen Tiguan 2,0 TDI.

Cheers! :)