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Apparently, Switzerland is not very friendly to outsiders, which is surprising. Then again, this interactive comparison tool by HSBC says China is the #1 rated place for expats, which is even more baffling.


It's interesting, take a look. You can click each of the three pulldown menus to personalize the criteria and it will re-rank the countries to suit your needs, and you can pick two and compare the ratings side by side.

I couldn't imagine living in another country, but it is something I wish I had done for a year or two when I was younger. I have friends that criticize Americans for not travelling, but they usually shut up when I remind them that, for me, leaving the country means a trans-oceanic flight, not a ferry or a few hours on a train. I've been to Canada and the other side of this country, which is further than most Europeans ever get! (except for the ones I've met here, obviously)

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