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Facebook Chat Sidebar update

Facebook have started rolling out changes over its chat sidebar. Now identifying online users and their devices has become easier than ever before. However, I've seen lots of people complaining about this, as they haven't received this update yet on their profile.

Firstly, I thought it's all due to the number of add-ons and extensions I'm using in my browser. But then I opened Facebook on all the browsers installed in my PC and confirmed.


However, I've also seen some people worrying about this update, as lying or faking about your online presence and devices might no longer work. Still we can blame a whole system as some glitch or confusion over using multiple devices? Of course not!

Here is the tip given by my friend Avinash Seth. According to him, one should keep Facebook running on the mobile app and web simultaneously in order to win the battle against this scary situation. Sad part is, he haven't yet received a new graph search layout on his profile.

Surprisingly, whenever any changes are being rolled out, my profile is always been lucky enough to receive it at very first stage or even earlier. If you don't believe me, see this pic.


The above screenshot has been taken quite a long time back when my search bar was turned blue, exactly two months before the announcement of Graph Search, and after few months, Facebook officially started rolling it out to its users. That's strange, isn't it?

So are you able to spot this change on your Facebook's chat sidebar? Let me know on comments.

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